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You will receive a number of enquiries from a number of lead generating streams. Be it a sign you put up outside the property, an Openrent advert or a Facebook Marketplace advert, it is important, for your own records that you document where your leads came from. This is for no other reason than you know what is working and what isn’t! E.g. you receive ten Facebook Marketplace enquiries, but all were below your income criteria, then two Openrent viewings where both viewed and one took it. This data could be important if and when you market the property again. 

It is important that you have a list of questions to hand to ask the tenants. We have found from experience that it can be very time consuming to allow all those that enquire, to arrange a viewing. To avoid disappointment, ask these few simple questions in our Habitans Application for Accommodation Form. It’s always good to try and understand why an applicant wants to move. Knowing this information means you can match their reasons for moving to aspects or benefits of your property.


Congratulations, you’ve arranged a viewing, you’re half way to letting your property! But first, make sure to confirm with the tenant an hour before their viewing that they are still attending. No shows happens frequently, so confirming the viewing is important and will save you time! It is always advised that you arrive early for the viewing just to ensure the property is in good order and pick up any mail that has found itself on the floor.

When conducting a viewing you need to be approachable, presentable and informative. You are going to be their direct contact throughout the tenancy, so it is important that they feel comfortable with you. Be sure to highlight all the positives the property boasts especially any that align with their reasons for moving. Not being overly salesy is our advice, ultimately properties sell themselves and you’re probably only going to put someone who is keen off by being over salesy if they already like the property. If they don’t like the property you’re going to have to be a very good salesperson to get them to take it.

After the viewing you need to follow up with the applicant. They may have other viewings or have to discuss with other persons wanting to move in with them. It is probably best to ask them what their next steps are regarding their application, so you have an idea of when to follow up. If you follow up too soon after the viewing you may look desperate and they may even try to negotiate rent, if you leave it too long they may forget and find another property. It’s about finding that sweet spot for each applicant, in most cases waiting a few days is usually a good amount of time for a follow up. If they inform you they are no longer interested, always ask them why?and ask them to be as honest and brutal as possible! This will help you in future viewings.

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